American Pie: What’s next?

There was this one time, at band camp…

American Pie If the Star Wars phenomenon started with “Long, long ago, in a galaxy far, far away…”, I sure hope the American Pie franchise ends with this terrible excuse for a sequel, aptly named American Pie: Band Camp. Looking at the poster, Eugene Levy (Jim’s Dad) is the only familiar face.

You’d think at least Stiffler will be here to provide some mindless entertainment. You’re lucky … kinda. Get that, it’s not the Stiffmeister, it’s his younger brother, Matt.

Problem is, there’s no straight guy for Stiffler to play against.

In previous installments, up to the American Wedding, Jim was the straight guy and Stiffler is the comic relief.

In American Wedding, he had to eat a dog’s shit and pretend he liked it as much as a cholocate truffel. You can’t beat this. The reaction shots were what made the scenes with Stiffler work. Now there’s no reaction from anyone.

I think it’s time to retire the series. The good news is this is a straight-to-video release. You could just wait for the torrent!

Info: American Pie: Band Camp
USA, 2005
Running Length: 1:35
Cast: Arielle Kebbel, Tad Hilgenbrinck, Jason Earles
Director: Steve Rash
Producer: Mike Elliott
Screenplay: Brad Riddell
Cinematography: Victor J. Kemper

15 thoughts on “American Pie: What’s next?

  1. alex from romania :D

    Woaw i’m so happy because this american pie will pe appearing..but in which mont of this year(2007):D i’m so happy :P

  2. Tejasvee

    yeah i am so happy to see that jason biggs is back with the full comedy action hope to see it soon?

  3. Digital Joy

    I have seen Part 1 to 5, not knowing of which season. They look funny, making me laugh from time to time, and interesting. Whenever I watch them, I am wondering “Is this true? Are there so many things among the US students about sex?” I am expecting to see more.

  4. Libby

    Omg Jason Biggs is so hot
    I adore him in American Pies one and two

    I did not however enjoy American Wedding

  5. vichu

    what is the next movie in americam pie series after beta house…………….can any onwe guess what is the next release in the americam pie series………..

  6. pro_edson


    I would like to know if there will be another American Pie, and if so, when ?

    American Pie rock so harddddd!!!!

    Hail American Pie!!

    Thanks in advance,

  7. mj

    waaah. ilove american pie series. beta house rocks! i hope there will be another american pie movie. i cant wait for the next movie after beta house. :(

  8. mj

    i sooo love Steven Stifler. he’s a good looking guy. ^^, and he’s so hot. hope to see him at the next movie.

  9. DnS

    everyone knows of american pie presents the book of love right ? every single american pie to date has been a success :D keep em coming pleasse i beg of you

  10. G_J-P

    american pie Hole in one is echt geen leuke film als je naar de andere hebt gekeken deze keer is er bijna geen feest en nog niet eens wat seks of alcahol tfoe hoop als er een volgende komt dat hij echt weer veel beter wordt beter ze houden het bij het College met Beta’s dat zijn ruige party’s en ook goede verhalen kijk maar naar ( deel 5 The naked mile ) en ook deel 6 ( beta house ) waaren alebij een groot suc6

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