Arri’s new HD cam – Arriflex D-20

ARRIFLEX D-20 Digital 35mm cameraNovember is here and ARRI has held its promise – the new Arriflex D-20 is already available. It’s a bit unusual to associate ARRI with video productions but I’ll better get used to it.

Ok, here’s some first impressions, courtesy of Keith Mottram:

It basically took five minutes for a full film crew to learn how to shoot with the D20 and that was basically that. There were no problems to be ascosiated with the camera. Everyone was happy- the agency watched perfect clean HD images with beautiful colour, DOF and obviously no grain, the director couldn’t believe how simple it was and the DOF seemed to have no qualms with the experience. In summary it was exactly like any other commercial shoot, but with the benefits of instant hi-res images and rock solid performance.

There’s a bit more info from that post at In addition to the 35mm CMOS sensor which allows FOV and DOF identical to that of a film camera, Arriflex D-20 also supports variable speeds (3p – 60p). The actual output speeds however are limited by the recording medium (24p, 25p, 60p). There are plans for 150 FPS versions of the D-20 as well.

Overall, the Arriflex D-20 seems go well with people who work in high definition video production. The camera integrates easily with existing HD infrastructure because it suports multiple formats, including SONY’s HDCAM SR.

On the other end of the (price) spectrum is the Sony HC1. At $1,500 or less, it’s a more affordable, entry-level HDV camcorder. You can get it now while you’re saving for the D-20 from Arri.

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