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Guy Ritchie's Revolver ft. Jason StathamI think I definitely need to see Revolver again. Even if it’s just so I can confirm that nothing slipped by me the first time I saw it.

There are a lot of people looking for a Revolver explanation. I don’t think there’s one but a lot of Guy Ritchie fans feel there must be more to it.

There’s an article in The Guardian that discusses the sly marketing tactics employed by Revolver’s PR agency. It included paying blogger and forum posters to create a “buz” for the movie. I wonder if they are still paying for that because I get quite a few “forum trolls” posting comments about how everyone who thinks this movie is anything short of a masterpiece should “die a horrible death.”

152 thoughts on “Revolver explanation

  1. somebody who knows

    The com men were in his head the entire time after he was released but essentially they were his neighbors in prison and he was thinking about what they would do next. Simply figment of his imagination. Ray Liotta is the reason for one of their being there so Mr green set out for vengeance against him upon release. Ray Liota, or Machia, was Mr gold as well. He was at the top of the food chain the whole time but let greed get in his way and not seeing things clearly because Mr green got over in him so well..

  2. z_s

    sorry for my English ” in this movie which point the most notable?
    that is the controlling of mind by using a law which was created by mathematically calculated and practiced and confirm by them. first point was WHO IS …………..?
    A writer calculated it and write it he knows very well and i want to say that………?

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