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Ender’s Game – When, Oh God? When?

It’s been quite a while since the fans were alerted to the existance of a “project” to do an Ender’s Game movie. Wolfgang Petersen will be directing and David Benioff (and his writing partner Dan Weiss) are working on the script. The film is in pre-production and expected to be released in 2007. That’s a loooong wait.

David Benioff recently moved from writing fiction to the world of movies. The “start” of his career was the adaptation he did of his own novel, 25th Hour (directed by Spike Lee, starring Edward Norton). He worked with Petersen on Troy and Peterson commented that Benioff proved his ability to take an epic work of fiction and adapt it to a screenplay. Troy is not my favorite movie but I’ll let this comment slide!

If you’re interested in the script development, you can visit a fan site that’s going through some of the character and plot changes in the screenplay. The adaptation will be a difficult task since a lot of the pages in Orson Scott Card’s bestseller are inside Ender’s brain. At the same time, there’s a lot of “externalized” conflict so the challenge will be to balance the two aspects.

I hope they don’t finish up with a mindless CGI fest like Troy.