A new online RPG
with fantasy tactics!

A new online RPG that's free to play
* You can purchase extra missions for as low as $0.06,
   but you don't have to. Many of our top players don't.
Early launch players: 78,900
Players signed up for invite: 311,274

Classic RPG

Play three classic archetypes,
combining troops from 40+ classes.
No respecs, no gimp builds.

Tactical combat

Lead your troops into battle,
combining over seventy action skills.
Fight Riftforge's enemies or other players.

Huge world

Explore a massive frozen world,
complete wild tribes and rotten empires.
Hunt giant monsters for trophies!

Pixel perfect

Riftforge is a labor of love.
It's also a work of (pixel) art and
fans of classic RPGs love it!

Free and fair

All content is available for gold
or cash - as low as $0.06 per mission.
Money goes to $10,000 prize pool.

Special invites left: