Silent Bob strikes back

Kevin SmithContrary to popular belief, Silent Bob (Kevin Smith) is not really that silent. In fact he often speaks out. Most recently, I posted about Kevin Smith vs Joel Siegel – a duel of titans. Kevin called Joel’s moustache “cum catcher” and things got worse from there.

In his new post, he has a problem with people having a problem with his “MySpace credits” promotion. In essence, at the end of the movie, once the “regular” credits are gone, you get a 10 second pause and then you get a LIST of people who participated in the MySpace promo. (Does that count as user-generated content? I don’t think so!)

In addition, Clerks II was labeled as failure by Nikki Finke. This really got Kevin going:

Our flick’s budget was five million bucks. We did twice that in the opening weekend. The film’s foreign sales more than covered its negative cost. Our marketing budget was pretty modest – especially for a summer release. Even if after the box office split the Weinstein Co. will make with the theaters, our thetrical [sic] run winds up simply being a wash (meaning all costs are covered), that means everything we made on DVD is pure profit. If Clerks II DVD is anything like the DVD on Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back, we’re looking at forty million bucks, easily. Forty million bucks in profit.

Nikki Finke responded that there’s no way in hell that he’s going to make so much money. You gotta love blogs – this thing can go on for months!

2 thoughts on “Silent Bob strikes back

  1. Quinlan

    Let’s face it, if you read the Finke column it is poorly argued and presented. A speculative, non-empirical piece of bluster she will find difficult to back up. The intelligence is all in Kevin Smith’s reply.
    Moreover, Finke has comments switched off. Why is that? If you are bold enough to come out with these things have the decency to stand by them and respond to reader comments, or, step down now with as much good grace as you can and apologize.
    Let’s hope it does go on, at least until KS gets an apology from the wretched woman. And yes I do have the J&SB DVD and will get Clerks II as well – for the simple reason I enjoy work, be it art, architecture, print, or celluloid that challenges our accepted perspectives.

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